Selling Your Home

I Specialize In Helping You Sell!

  1. I will work with you to determine how much your house is worth, and establish a realistic selling price.
  2. I will provide you with valuable tips on how to make your house smile and we will work closely with you to be sure that your house is in the best possible condition to attract the interest of prospective buyers.
  3. With my extensive marketing experience in selling houses, I will advertise your property effectively to ensure that potential buyers are aware of it.
  4. I will do everything possible to insure your house is shown only to qualified buyers and not to "lookers" or "sight-seers."
  5. I will answer all questions asked by prospective buyers regarding your property and the community and I will supply them with all the information they need.
  6. Whenever your house is shown to a qualified buyer, a salesperson will be on hand to answer any questions enabling you to continue your normal family routine.
  7. I will act as the go-between in dealing with the buyer on price negotiations.
  8. I handle all details of the actual sale and transfer of your house to its new owners.
Please contact me to help you sell your property today.

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